This is a project for young people across the world. We collect their stories and give them a voice. As the younger generations are often underrepresented, we want to give them a place to tell their hopes, fears and emotions. Especially in these uncertain and challenging times, we are experiencing now with the coronavirus.

Further versions can be found at SWEP-channel:

So here is the first video what „youth voices: corona impact worldwide“ is about:


bridge it award winner 2021 (12th)

Nicolas from Fray Bentos, Uruguay

about his job, freetime and how he feels walking through the empty streets of Fray Bentos


Trinity from Wuhan, China

about racial discrimination, the sound of sirenes and fears concerning her family

Kapenda from Windhoek, Namibia

about the chances of a pandemic, the resulting financial hardships and his optimism regarding the future.

Katie from Buffalo, USA

about mental problems, how she meets friends now and not going to school

Paulo from Hamburg, Germany

about the kulturweit-volunteerprogramme in Uruguay

Josh and Luca from Vienna, Austria

about their job as paramedics in corona times and the situation in the hospitals

Andre Lyon from Nairobi, Kenya

about police violence during lockdown and the fear that the virus ruins his country

Natsuko from Tokyo, Japan

about her plans after the coronavirus is defeated.

Because of the spread of the coronavirus, worldwide schools and stores have been closed, work has come to a halt and lives have been lost. We are living through unprecedented times. With the project “youth voices: corona impact worldwide” we want to document as witnesses, how the youth is dealing with the current situation. The goal is to reach as many young people around the world as possible and capture their stories on video. Through your videos and photos we want to give a voice to the youth and show their marginalized yet highly impactful and important side to global issues. In times of financial and political trouble, it is often forgotten that the younger generations also suffer from the pandemic. We want to give young people a space for all their emotions, worries and hopes.


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